Small Town Hunting is a show inspired by you, the viewer. The lifestyle throughout Small Town’s everywhere has always been the roots of the hunting culture. Cody,  Chris, and Keith bring it back to the ground level by documenting the lifestyle of hunting in a raw, cinematic style that we call, Small Town Hunting. After all, where ever you call home, there is a little Small Town in all of us.



Keith’s father began taking him hunting and fishing at a very early age. Keith grew up farming with his family in Northeast Louisiana around his hometown of Monticello, Louisiana. When Keith wasn’t on a tractor, combine or cotton picker you could find him either hunting or fishing.

At the age of 27, Keith decided to make a career out of his love for the outdoors. He moved to Mississippi and went to work at Primos Hunting where he worked for fourteen years. Thirteen of those years were spent in the TV/Video Production department where he was able to do what he loved best, HUNT! Of all the critters Keith has hunted his favorite thing to chase are the bugling Bull Elk in their September rut with his bow. When Elk season is over, he is happy to hunt any other critter that may be in season.

Keith resides in Clinton, Mississippi with his wife, Randi, and their 3 year old son Kai. When home, Keith and Randi love spending time teaching Kai how to hunt, fish and understand the great gift of the outdoors!



Chris grew up hunting with his father near Vicksburg, MS where he was born and raised. Chris harvested his first doe at age nine and the rest is history. Chris got his start in the outdoor industry when he began guiding bowhunters at Tara Wildlife in 1995. At Tara, Chris found his true passion for bowhunting whitetails. In the off season Chris enjoys riding horses and bass fishing. He and his wife, Heather, also own Banner Kennels where they train dogs everything from simple obedience, retrievers to blood trailing. Chris also has one son, Haden Ashley, that shares the same passion for hunting as his dad does.

Chris was part of Primos Truth about Hunting TV show and The Truth DVDs for 12 years before joining the Hardcore/Bone Collector Team in August 2014. After two great seasons of co-hosting Hunt-Presented Hardcore, he and the team are excited about the beginning of a dream for the group of 4. Chris is excited about the opportunity to reach the fans with a format that is clean but relatable that we call Small Town Hunting. Small Town describes Chris as a person and hunter, and feels that every hunter has a little Small Town in them.


Cody was born and raised in Louisville, MS. He went on to graduate from Delta State University where he pitched for the Statesmen Baseball Team for four years. After his senior season, he was blessed with the opportunity to take a short dip into the minor league bus rides. After the 2010 baseball season, he became a Free-Lance Videographer for Primos Truth About Hunting TV show on the Outdoor Channel. After going back to Delta State for the spring semester and graduating with a degree in Education, Cody went to work for Primos full time as a Producer/Co-host for Primos Truth about Hunting. He now resides in Clinton, MS and is married to Neely Hester Kelley.

Cody’s love of the outdoors began at the age of 4 when he began hunting with his Dad in the hills of Mississippi. His Father taught him the appreciation and love for the outdoors, and Cody learned that success was much more than just pulling the trigger. The hunts and time spent in the woods with his Dad are always Cody’s most memorable moments in the outdoors. Cody’s favorite time of the year is bowhunting whitetails during the Pre-rut, since the bucks are up cruising, marking territory, and calling is at an all-time high.

After four special seasons working for Primos, a new door opened up for Cody. In August 2014, Cody went to work for Michael Waddell’s Bonecollector/ Hardcore team to be a Co-Host of a new Outdoor Television Show to begin Airing on Sportsman Channel in July 2015. After 2 seasons of Hunt-Presented Hardcore with Michael Waddell’s Bonecollector, the guys are now chasing a dream that they have always had as a group. They have began building their own brand and TV Show which is now called Small Town Hunting.