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Pure Whitetail Synthetic scents are changing the game in whitetail deer scents and attractants. Synthetic Premium Doe Scent is a perfect for attracting, calming and holding does in your area. Use early season in mock scrapes and on overhanging licking branches with Pure Whitetails flexible scent wick (Flex Wick) as an attractant and calming scent. Set up trail cameras on the scrapes to inventory your herd and watch antler growth and development. Use regularly to create a habit forming travel pattern to hold does and convince bucks of a high traffic and bedding area for does. Continue use as a cover scent as you scout, check trail cameras, and hunt. Bucks will continue to search and travel known doe areas during the pre-rut and rut as they establish dominance and look for does to breed. Pure Whitetails Synthetic line of attractants and scents is the perfect choice for any area, particularly states or areas with restrictions on urine based attractants and scents. Pure Whitetail Synthetics are engineered to attract!